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UAV Terrain Aware tracking and mission management Software


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Aerotracker is a simple to use and integrate software to allow the user to design routes and track any aerial vehicle (UAV or full-scale aircraft) over terrain.

The mission designer interface has a power full terrain display based on the FAA TAWS Standards TSO-C151c. Giving terrain aware situation for all waypoints of the mission route and also realtime while the UAV is on mission.

This tool will really prevent your UAV of a controlled crash into terrain.

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- Visual User friendly interface

- 2D map with terrain.

- Aerotracker GIS is Resource Open, that means that the user can easily make maps for his region and edit them at his will.

- Click-Over-Terrain Mouse editing but a diaog based numeric editon is also featured.

- TAWS map pallete for a best terrain aware both for route waypoint and for the airplane while it is flying.


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User interface:
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On this screenshot, on the main map display, it can be seen a route shown on Orange and the UAV is following the waypoints.

The UAV position and course can be seen on the Aircraft shaped rose icon, with his actual path shown on white and the cinematic predicted path is shown on dark grey.

On the bottom part of the screen, a vertical terrain profile is shown, on green: the terrain profile for the actual and predicted aircraft path. The actual vertical fligth path is shown on yellow or on red if it is too close of the ground. Vertical profile of the track and the terrain beneath it, is also shown every time the user decides to edit the route or select one of the waypoints.

Airports and runways can be easily added from the public available DAFIFs (Digital Air and Flight Information File) provided by NGA (former NIMA).

Terrain can be imported from the also public available SRTM digital elevation maps provided by NASA.

Other Geographic information can be added by user in the most popular GPS formats sutch as GPS Utility, GPS Track Maker, Easy GPS, etc.

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This Screenshot shows a route edit action: select a waypoint, as you can see on the bottom part is shown the vertical profile of the route, and on this case, the terrain aware map color display is also activated, this display follows the FAA regulations for TAWS, that means that on red is shown terrain that is at the waypoint level or above, that means, terrain that can cause danger to the UAV when it is passing on the selected waypoint.


Recent developments added 3 3D cameras view:

- Overview : See the aircraft position and projected track in 3D
- Pursuit : Close to the aircraft camera.
- On Board : See what the aircrafts Sees, this is a Synthetic View System.

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On Board, Synthetic View System:
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Also good looking instruments added with an heading indicator for the aircraft and a north indicator for camera.

 and with this program: Earth Tracker you can track your airplane in Google Earth

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Feedback and References
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Aerotracker was originally supplied for an UAV development team (along with an user license, keeping all the author rights). Today Aerotracker is resgistered software and is available free for use by other UAV teams or Airplane Tracking purposes. If you wish to know how to integrate Aerotracker in your UAV system you can take a look on the Aerotracker Integration Manual. Every feedback, suggestions and coments are welcome: .

 Download here the full working Demonstrator Version.

- Try out our FreeWare SRTM Viewer

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