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This program is a variant from  DG Terrain Viewer, that has been enhanced with an algorithm and tools for line-of-sight analisys.

The Purpose of this enhancement is by using DGTV terrain and gps great viewing capabilities, make a program to make line of sight analisys with a simple add-on on the menu bar, that you can see on the picture below:

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Within the program it is also supplied step-by-step tutorials. For example, the SRTM30 data set can be directly imported by DGTVLOS, so after downloading the data set, the analysis can be made within minutes, easly.

The concept of the program is 1st to load a terrain easely, by using the functions supplied on the menu bar under the 'Terrain' label, then, under the 'LineOfSight' using functions to create (AddPole) and tune (Edit Selected Pole, etc.), the user will place around terrain several poles, ensambling a test enviroment. Poles are spots over the terrain with an user definable Height Above Terrain, Range, and position.

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After this, just by clicking the 'Calculate Visibility Layer' label on the 'LineOfSight'. It's obtained a terrain shading that indicates, from where in the terrain the pole is directly visible, also according with the distance to the pole.

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You can also see the poles on 3D, by positioning the camera carefully:

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The poles, for witch the DGTV-LOS make the line-of-sight analisys, can be lots of things: telecommunications antennas, monuments, lighthouses. The purpose of the analysis is to determine from where in the terrain, the pole is directly visible without any terrain in sight.

Major applications go for telecommunications, Propagation, Ham Radio, Visual Impact analisys and sea navigation.


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DG-TM is registred software and it is available for $42.00 US Dollar

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After payment confirmation received, you will be e-mailed with a password protected link to download your personal full working version of DGTV-LOS, this process will take less then 12 hours.

If you buy it now, you will receive free future developments of DGTV-LOS.


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