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DG SRTM Void Killer : Clear / Remover

The right tool to remove those nasty voids from SRTM data


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What are SRTM Voids?
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Voids are points of the SRTM data tiles that contain no data, this happens due to bad radar scatter and on some places such as the Alps, shown on the sample, the voids clearly disturb the terrain perception.


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How does it works?
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DG SRTM Void Killer works by mixing SRTM and SRTM30 data, it detects a void (lack of elevation data) and then it gets the information of an user supplyed GTOPO30 tile.

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A dramatic example of DG Void Killer performing a great job.

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Once again DG Voidkiller saving the day while studying a radio communication link wtih Radio Mobile.

As you can see the result is surprisingly fine, althought the poorest resolution of SRTM30 data set, the terrain perception is anyway realistic, as you can see on a 3D view of the same area.

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Best Method for best performance:
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This simple method, is far more realistic and reliable than complicated interpolation methods that don't use real terrain data to fill the voids, althought those techniques often make "more rich" terrain rendering, voids distribution is not sparse, usually, as seen on this sample, voids often are grouped and cover a great area, this can understimate entire mountains!

DG-Void Killer uses SRTM30 a world wide 1km real-terrain data to fill the voids, and any area will be recovered with much greater realism.

Mixing both SRTM30 Data Set and using Advanced Interpolation Techniques on the SRTM Tile, makes the terrain reliability great as well as the the look, for improved realism. While interpolation is more adequate  for small couvered voided area and replacement more adequate for large sized voided areas, DG-Voidkiller mixes both methods, maintaining allways the ideal approach for each case.

Void Killer was one of the first tools to correct SRTM voids back in February 2004, since then, users still rank it in first place for outputing the best results in SRTM void correction.

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Correction using Both SRTM30 and Interpolation.

Correction using SRTM Interpolation Only.


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User-Friendly interface
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The voids correction is made step-by-step. This makes DG-SRTM Void Killer very simple to use:

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After the voids are corrected, you can save the corrected terrain over the original SRTM tile, DG-VK ovewrite it, making it compatible with any other application that uses SRTM data, or if you just want to see the tile on DG-Terrain Viewer, you can save it as a DRC file.
Also note, that the freeware program DG-Terrain Viewer comes with a free tool to join SRTM tiles on a larger one.


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Download here the evaluation version and if you wish the Corrected N46E009 SRTM tile


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Buy SRTM Void Killer
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DG-Void Killer is registred software and it is available for $41.85 US Dollar or 34.80 Euro.

Costumers using Credit Card can buy DG Void Killer imediatelly with our U.S. partner Regsoft here or with our european partner ShareIt here.
Contact us for other payment methods.

After payment confirmation received, you will be e-mailed with a password protected link to download your personal full working version of DG Void Killer, this process will take less then 12 hours.

If you buy it now, you will receive free future developments of DG Void Killer.

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Feedback and References
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