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A WebCam based Surveillance System for Your PC

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WebGilante doesn't waste space on your PC
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WebGilante works by using a regular Web Camera for efficient surveillance.

When it detects Motion, it saves a picture in your computer and/or plays a user selected Alarm Sound.

It automatically organizes images in folders named with Date and Hour.

WebGilante is a very efficient Surveillance Software because only stores the pictures in which actually something happens.


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With Webgilante you can watch what happens on two different places at the same time!
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- Simple to use. Start Surveillance with a single click.
- Works with any kind of Web Camera
- User selectable size of the viewport
- The system only stores pictures on the computer if Motion is detected.
- Motion Detection System with 3 levels of sensibility
- Automatic or User editable Motion Mask to ignore motion of often moving objects.
- User Adjustable Brightness for surveillance in poor light environments
- User selectable Motion Alarm Sound.
- Automatic organization of capture pictures in folders named with date and hour.
- Red Flashing Area on screen when Motion Detected.
- Display on screen the last time the motion Was detected.
- Date and Time are written on all captured pictures.
- Easy Image review with a single click.
- HTML Manual for start using WebGilante Fast.

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Watch What they are doing to your things will you are out!

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- Property Surveillance.
- Animal Surveillance.
- Babysitting.
- Industry and Science Applications.
- know at what time something happened.
- Point it somewhere to your house and watch what people doing on your absense.
- Point it to your swiming pool to know what kids are using it on your vacation.
- Point it to your car to know if your son is using it.
- See if anyone is messing with your desk on your office.
- Point it at your garden to see whose dog is sneaking into the plants.

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Just Use a cheap Web Camera and Webgilante! It only keeps what you want to see!
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