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- Terrain Viewer (Windows)

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- SRTM tiles
- SRTM30 tiles

- converter needed:
- GTOPO30 tiles
- USGS Alaska

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What is DG Terrain Viewer?
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- It is a freeware program to view on 3D digital elevation maps mixed with data acquired with GPS.

- It can be used just for viewing terrain meshes or to see your tracks and waypoints projected on the terrain mesh. Personally, I'm using DG Terrain Viewer very enthusiastically, when I go out to geocaching or ride my bicycle, and use my GPS, when I'm back at home, the first thing I do is turn on the computer and see my track and waypoints over and between the mountains.

- Since any kind of vectorial information can be loaded on 3 different GPS formats, DGTV is being used for civil engineering purposes such as Hydraulics and terrain slope analysis in cyties. Flight Simulator Scenery Designers are using it to preview the SRTM tiles before converting them into BGL.

- DGTV is reported to be used all around the world: Mountain trackers on the Philippines and Indonesia, BTT riders from the French Alps, 4x4 riders from Morroco, Saudi Arabia and New Mexico, are using it enthusiastically, both to post-view their rides and to plan them, after drawing possible tracks over a map using GPS programs such as GPSu or GPSTM, they use DGTV to plot all the tracks on 3D, analyse them projected across the mountains and after that, choose the most thrilling one.

- Most of the people are using DG Terrain Viewer every time they take a long ride around the country, the first thing they do when arrive home is to download the Data from the GPS receiver and plot it over the terrain mesh with DGTV.

- The New Video Sequence Feature, that is still experimental, also led DGTV to be used to illustrate TV programs such as Off-Road Racing. It is also being used by the military to show on 3D the animated tracks of Experimental Flights, Ground Attack paths and Air-to-Air interception. Rocket Enthusiasts are plotting near parabolic tracks that go up to 5km altitude.

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Data Formats:
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GPS Formats: Extensions:
GPS Utility
GPS Track Maker

GPS Track Maker Text File
Geocaching.com File
GPX - Used by Easy GPS and many others.
DXF - Some limited importing is available

WPT - Ozi Explorer Waypoint File
PLT - Ozi Explorer Track file



Terrain Formats:

Name Extension Resolution Coverage Link:
SRTM1 *.hgt 1 arcsec (30 meter) United States SRTM
SRTM3 *.hgt 3 arcsec (90 meter) World (allmost) SRTM
SRTM30 *.dem 30 arcsec (1 kilometer) World (allmost) SRTM30
GTOPO30 N/A 30 arcsec (1 kilometer) World GTOPO30
ETOPO5 *.bin 5 minutes (18 kilometer) World ETOPO5 & DRC

NOTE: see links on the left to download this elevation data. All the needed converters are supplied along with DGTV on the DGTV zipfile

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Screen Shots:
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-1- Waypoints collected near the Arrabida Mountain, the GPS track shown on white represents a trip to Espichel Cape. The terrain was obtained along by joining two SRTM tiles, the N038W010 and the N038W009. Note: a small utility to join SRTM tiles is supplied allong with DG Terrain Viewer Zip File

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-2- Europe from ETOPO5, at 3D with a beautiful world wide texture.

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-3- Several countries obtained from the GTOPO30 collection

As you can see, DG-TV can be both used to regional scale 3D terrain rendering to use with your GPS on your trips, as well as to country or continent scale rendering to see Earth Like an astronaut, from Space.

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System Requirements:
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DG Terrain Viewer will work quite happily on a Windows 95 OSR2 Operating System with a 150 MHz processor, 32 MB of RAM and a 10 MB of free-space in your hard-drive, although it is recomended at least a 700 MHz wiht Windows 2000 or Windows XP, an Acellerator Card, 128 MB of RAM.

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DG - Terrain Viewer is a Registered Software, protected by international laws.

DG - Terrain Viewer is Freeware and may be freely distributed by any means and used all over the world.

All precautions were taken in order to make DG Terrain Viewer safe to use, although the author will not be responsible for any evil use of this program, neither any kind of damage it may cause on your Computer.

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Download DGTV, it's FreeWare
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When you download dgtv.zip, it comes with the program, sample data, terrain conversion utilities and a readme file for help and support. Feel free to mail the author anytime, We'll be happy to know about your personal use of DG-Terrain Viewer as well as any comment or complaint.

If you wish to contribute to this FreeWare Project, mail me with ideas and suggestions, take a look on Earth 3D ScreenSaver, and register it, also we are selling a fine program to remove SRTM voids. To use real terrain on adavanced 3D modelling programs, you can try the Bump Map maker, and for Line Of Sight Analasys over terrain you can try the DGTV - Line Of Sight Variant.

If you don't wish to buy anything from us, your ideas/comments/suggestions are really welcome, please fill in this form with your thoughts about this program.

Version: dgtv.zip

Version: dgxtv.tar.gz

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Download Elevation Data
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- SRTM tiles - World Wide 90m resolution
- ETOPO5 & DRCs - World Wide
- GTOPO30 tiles - World Wide 1km resolution

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Reciprocal Links
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This program will let you take Google Earth to the road along with your GPS receiver to track where you are, real time. Or, back home, you can watch animations of your trip.

Virtual Terrain Project

www.starthere.com - An usefulll Search Engine:

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Geocomunity SRTM site

Travel By GPS.com - GPS Maps for adventure travel around the world.

Trail Registry.com - An excelent database for outdoors GPS tracks in the USA.

www.flightgear.org - An Open Source Multi-Platform Flight Simulator

arkgeocaching.org - Arkansas Geocaching Association

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